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STOP / THINK: This site is an extension of the work at - - and all of the YouTube content leading up to and including this July 2018 video tutorial. It is abundantly clear that the DOJ Tax Division and the IRS know that tax enforcement violates the law in precisely the ways alleged in the April 2018 briefs on the 7th Circuit.

Question all you've been told, confront the authorities -

THIS SITE will highlight certain aspects of the law that seem to operate against the agency staff and the courts who stand as a barricade, blocking any and all discussion of key and controlling provisions by imposing upon taxpayers and litigants enormous monetary sanctions for "frivolity."



You pay because of the judges, not because of the law!

ALSO, this site seeks to demonstrate how the criminal code is very often the appropriate law to consider when government does something you don't like. The filing of criminal complaints by citizens is simply a necessary skill for anyone seeking to put a leash on official intrusion into daily life. Instruction and materials available at are without peers.

JOIN the tax congressional criminal complaint.

The hardest thing in the world to understand
is the income tax

Albert Einstein (1954)

"What's the big deal? Been there, done that."
- David R. Myrland (1994)


Alleging violations of the law on the part of public servants, accusing them under relevant criminal statutes and pursuing their prosecution, has nothing to do with the movement, which is only good for theory, as it relates to income taxation. This site is about whistleblowing, about watching government and nailing it for conduct that violates the law. Until the movement learns something about the Tax Code it's unable to cause more than laughter by gov't and the tears shed by the victims of the ignroance.

The role of the judiciary in the scheme operated by the IRS and DOJ has again been exposed by the Code Breaker analysis of the Tax Code completed in late 1993 (written in early 1994 by David R. Myrland). Hard work and common sense allowed for this breakthrough understanding of the IRS and the Internal Revenue Code, and of how they differ. When the courts impose enormous sanctions for purely statutory arguments after having faced the same arguments for over 25 years, it's fair to presume the argued interpretation of relevant provisions to be correct; it's not taxation - it's extortion and racketeering.

The IRS, the DOJ, and the courts all refuse to discuss these provisions:

26 USC §§ 1, 31, 61, 83(a), 212, 879(a)(2), 1001, 1011, 1012, 1401, 1402(b), 3101, 3121(e), 3306(j), 6201, 6671(b), 7343, 7621, 7651(4)(A), and 7655;

26 CFR 1.1-1, 1.83-3(e), (f), (g), 1.83-4(b)(2), 1.1001-1(a), 1.1011-1(a), 1.1012-1(a), 1.1401-1(a), 1.1402(a)-2(a), 1.1402(b)-1(d), 31.0-2(a)(1), 31.3121(e)-1(b), 301.6201-1(a), and 602.101;

42 USC § 411(b)(2);

Social Security Act of 1935 § 211, P.L. 74-271, 49 Stat. 620 (August 14, 1935), now codified as 42 USC ch. 7;

1939 Internal Revenue Code §§ 111, 112, 113, 3640, and 3811.

Primary claims proven by these provisions:

1. Social Security has never applied to Americans.

2. Tax Code ch. 1 does not identify Americans as the subject of an income tax, so the Sec. of Treasury promulgated 26 CFR 1.1-1, a mere regulation, to identify Americans as the subjects of an income tax.

3. Under the law all property is a cost, including personal services, if you honor the language of the law. The IRS/DOJ/courts have simply chosen to exclude personal services from cost without the lawful authority to lay a tax on the value of personal services = extortion and racketeering.

It's just that easy; the hard part was the five years (only, 1988-1993) of research. You've seen how, as late as April 2018, these provisions in very specific arguments evoke only savagery from the government where access to the law (due process) should be.


From David R. Myrland:

If Tax Code § 83 screwed you the IRS would whip you to death with it, but the courts, IRS and DOJ run from it like little girls, Superman in panties. Tax Code § 83 explains how to tax the entire workforce and you can't have it - It's extortion and racketeering exactly as explained in my 2-volume Take From Caesar I & II. I can't stand one more contact that says, "You're using their codes, it gives them jurisdiction, come with me and become sui juris dejure with no contracts wiff bling bling . . . RAP is music."

IF THE MORONS IN THE MOVEMENT COULD READ they'd have learned of their destruction in 1992!!! I got this document in 1992 and have been offering it ever since, and the morons are still teaching this crap!!!

The "movement" has discovered approx. 4619 reasons (best guess) to LEARN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the law and as of 1997 it's making me sick and disgusted; downright polemical. Picture it, innumerable hordes so dumb they can't sense an opportunity for offense when you show them a law the IRS is violating; go figure. I've never seen chop sui juris put an end to an IRS criminal investigation, but as late as January 2018 my analysis was used by people to shut down investigations and to negate grand juries, using only relevant provisions of law.

THROW THE BURDEN of proof to the movement and it's exalted hero, Pete Hendrickson, who concluded that the federal income tax is lawfully owed only by those exercising a federal privilege, like employment.

Hey Pete, how did Tax Code § 83 operate in your conclusion that anyone at all owes an income tax on their pay, fees, wages, salaries, tips, or non-employee compensation?

Pete's reply is that § 83 "is gibberish." That's how Pete and the rest of them justify learning nothing about the law. A single query about a governing statute and he bails out claiming ignorance of the law, ala, ["I can't interpret gibberish or apply it to fact; buy my book."] (I'm interpreting his prowess, paraphrasing). But Pete gets results, like this man who was sentenced to 16 months for exotic tax returns filed Pete's way. I can show this right to the eye balls of "the movement" and it doesn't register that Pete is puppy barf when you compare him to an actual researcher, a jurist, to somebody who's done the work. This brick-in-the-head approach to jurisprudence and to civic duty is fatal to progress of every sort, a flat refusal to be effective or the cowardice against engaging one's public servants over lawlessness, or both. I certainly don't care which.

Find these blogs and chats and ask if anyone's even bothered to learn about the statute that "explains how property received in exchange for services is taxed." Ask around to see how many federal decisions any of them has read, ask to see memorandums they've written; can they write? Upon my 30 yrs. exposure to law and to gov't attorneys, I urge you to ignore anyone who claims to have read fewer than 3000 such decisions, but if they seek to convey any notion about the Tax Code while having no knowledge of Tax Code § 83 you'll know their opinion to be uninformed at best; run from them.

Take a hypothetical - Maybe there's a law that says your personal services are your cost, which we know would make your pay a deductible expense instead of gross income or profit. I'd never pursue a hypothetical scenario when it comes to gov't, but it's not a hypothetical, the gov't can't deny it, the professionals and hordes ignore it, while puppy barf leads the ignorant to prison. Tax Code § 83 says cost is "the value of any money or property paid" - a gift to anyone who can read and who does not like the IRS - and the slobbering hordes can't even lift an eyebrow or a pen in its direction. F-bomb. Here is an actual photograph of "The Grand Poobah of Sui Juris" -

"Pete Hendrickson is my god!"

You're looking at a defect in civic duty. I don't tell everyone they should abandon a claim they feel is valid, but I do urge everyone to prepare to lose that claim by having in-the-box arguments ready and understood to use thereafter. By starting in-the-box, with only arguments concerning the interpretation of relevant provisions, I've been able on many occasions to convince authorities to back off, and I've kept people out of prison. Why would I leave the box when statutory language destroys the IRS? Literally tens of millions of Americans who have followed my tax advice have avoided liens, levies, and prison sentences.

THIS IS FACT: Every CPA, bookkeeper, payroll expert, IRS Attorney/Agent/Officer/employee, DOJ Attorney, state Dir. of Revenue or prosecutor (civil/criminal), Tax Court judge, advocate (H&R Block, other), CEO, on and on and on . . . NONE OF THEM can tell you a word about Tax Code § 83. If they can't tell you anything about Tax Code § 83, what the Hell good are they? What the Hell can they possibly know?

I'm not telling the movement that its minions have to shut up or to go out of their business of fraud, but I'm telling it's enthusiasts that they have to tell somebody else and to spare me their tripe. I don't care what the ignorant hordes have to say about the law because they're wrong, and I'm not wasting any more of my time on them. They've found their respective asses with both hands, while in and out of prison, and it's enough for them. My students and I are having too much fun pushing servants around using ONLY the law. My analysis of the Tax Code and the IRS was completed in late 1993 and was again proven in 2018 to evoke "no comment" from authorities who have had the claims for 25+ years and have yet to put them on the frivolous arguments list. Either forget what I teach or forget the movement; we're opposites. Forty-two provisions are officially off limits; "move" on that.

David R. Myrland

P.S. On Sept. 1, 2001, 4 of 5 defendants in a civil suit brought by the State of Oregon were dismissed, which were the only gifting club members in the entire country to win after being accused of operating a pyramid promotional scheme; I handled that entire case without a single slice of sui juris. In 2001 I set up a city to violate WA's disclosure act, in 2006 I sued that city for the violation, I won a judgment for $25,055.00 (US), I got a check (cut by my attorney), and I spent the money. WA then cut the statute of limitations from five to two years to sue for RCW 42.17 violations. I never reserved rights, I never claimed any "status" under the law or Constitution, I sued as the "plaintiff," I revoked nothing, I was not sui juris, and I even spoke to the judge. All of this was done in courtrooms with gold fringed flags. I am the opposite of "the movement" in obvious ways and for obvious reasons.

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