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Becoming a co-complainant is simple - $175

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Your criminal complaints to the White House and to Congress are already on file alleging several violations of the law on the part of the IRS and the courts. KEY CLAIMS are that:

1. The citizen of the United States the gov't says all Americans are isn't implicated by statute (Congress/law) as the subject of the income tax in Tax Code chapter 1. Only in regulation is there any reference to such citizenship as the subject of the tax, in violation of the 16th Amdt. which authorizes on Congress to impose an income tax; it has to be by statute.

2. Under the law, all property is a cost, then the executive branch and courts simply mandate that an exclusion from cost shall be personal services, which moves your pay from the cost column into the profit column to be taxed. This is a violation of Tax Code § 83, 212, 1001, 1011, and 1012.

You saw on how very derelict the DOJ's top tax attorney's April '18 reply to these briefed issues in the Robert Orth 7th Cir. appeal was, and that's after having faced these claims for more than twenty-five years. The governing provisions in the entire tax scheme the IRS operates are officially off limits, if you can believe it. "A nation of laws" until you prove the law protects you, and then all bets are off . . . in America.

IF, after viewing substantially the tax tutorial videos on TakeFromCaesar on YouTube, and reading the content of regarding federal and state income taxation, you feel these claims are meritorious, and if you want to go on the record with your beliefs in a sworn statement to the federal government, here's what others have been doing:

On Dec. 28, 2005 a criminal complaint w/deluxe briefing was served upon eighty members of Congress, the DOJ, the Treas. Secretary, and IRS Comm'r. (for your desk)

On Aug. 27, 2014 a supplemental briefing was served upon the Chair of the committees that received the complaint around New Year's 2006. (for your desk)

On Jan. 21, 2017 the White House and the new President received a criminal complaint w/deluxe briefing of these claims. (for your desk)

BY JOINING THESE COMPLAINTS (this affidavit) you are stating these claims without having to write your own criminal complaint or brief of the allegations of misconduct detailed above. Once you join the complaints they're yours to wield in your own defense, of you so choose.

My affidavit of joinder - In Microsoft WORD, this sample affidavit awaits details you wish to include in your statement to federal authorities. Examples of content others have included in their affidavit of joinder alleging these violations of federal tax law are:

As similarly situated offenders to those named in the original complaint to Congress, I hereby join IRS Agent MELODY NELSON and IRS Operations Mgr. KYLE G. SPENCER for their ongoing campaign of liens and levies. (See Ex.__).

As similarly situated offenders to those named in the original complaint to Congress, I hereby join US Attorney ____ and Ass't US Attorney _____ for convening a grand jury wherein lies about the law will be told, that I have a duty to believe in and that I believe I have the duty. (See Ex.__).

As similarly situated offenders to those named in the original complaint to Congress, I hereby join IRS Criminal Investigations Division Agent _______ for having chosen to contrive a scheme to deprive me of my liberty without reference to or in consideration of the provisions that govern the computation of my tax liabilities, as described in the complaints I join herewith. (See Ex.__).

Sample 1 .pdf

KEEP IT SIMPLE - One exhibit if you can. We all know that the law counts for absolutely nothing, so this is an exercise in hopefully preventing criminal charges in the future; that's all. This is only America. If you have no current controversy and still want to allege these specific violations just leave the affidavit the way it was supplied, change the names, the dates, the state/county, PROOF IT several times, and add no other arguments!!! Are the names of IRS Agents spelled correctly? Check the footer to show the correct number of pages in the footer.

WHEN WE RECEIVE your 5 originals and US Postal Money Order for $175.00 (include email address / phone number), AmericanLiberties, LLC will follow Congress' mailing protocol for distribution of documents to its members that was put in place after anthrax letters were sent to Congress in Sept. of 2001.

YOU WILL RECEIVE a blue-signature signed certificate of service proving that your affidavit of joinder was served on three congressional committees, the White House, and the US Attorney General. Via email you'll receive copies of the congressional complaint and its supplemental briefing for when you need to print a copy to send to a public servant or to your attorney.

NOW YOU'RE A CO-COMPLAINANT - You now have an exhibit the IRS and DOJ can't refute, impeccably briefed, robustly supported, with law at its core. You know the courts and IRS aren't shy about stealing, so expect to lose the property they claim you owe. However, after witnessing the closure of multiple IRS criminal investigations and grand jury nullification (no indictment) in many instances after the injection of these criminal complaints into the mix, it appears that this approach is an efficient way to establish a lack of criminal intent or willfullness. (James Back memo from DOJ 2014). No assurances are offered here because you can't predict corruption. Anything can happen in a "country" where you get penalized for mentioning the statute that explains how to tax all of your pay, the entire workforce's compensation for personal services.

FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS - When American Liberties, LLC receives your originals we'll perform the complex mailing task and send you back your certificate of service. (instructions here).

- TakeFromCaesar.US -