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MASS. JUDGE Shelly Joseph April 25. 2019: State judge indicted for conspiracy to obstruct justice, obstruction, other, for helping illegal alien out the back door of the court house to avoid ICE Agent waiting in foyer to arrest him.

Joe Bannister : NOT AN INDICTMENT - Posted here as an example of oppression against somebody who takes on the system/taxman. This complaint from the US Treasury stems from Mr. Bannister's willingness to take it to gov't with arguments he feels is valid. Sanctions brought by a body/agency that can't even prove it has the authority to speak to an American are really hard to swallow.

Pete Hendrickson : This is posted as a courtesy to anyone thinking they'll get their money back from the IRS and be left alone. Because I know a million times more than Pete Hendrickson I preach caution against attempting anything the IRS won't like, and I have all the docket numbers to prove it.

Winston Shrout : Remedies in Commerce . . . Really? Long time "sovereign citizen" trype sentenced to 10 yrs. in federal prison for exotic reasoning about personal duties under the law, Mr. Shrout likely destroyed dozens of families with his "teachings."

Robert Bowers : Eleven killed in Pittsburg, PA on Oct. 28, 2018 by R. Bowers. Jewish baby naming ceremony ends in gun fire by anti-Semite with multiple firearms.

Eugene Warner : Nice elderly man in Alaska indicted for tax evasion by the US gov't that can't even prove he owes a tax. In that case Mr. Warner made the challenges that 1) US citizens are only named in regulation, and 2) that all property is a cost under Tax Code § 83. Naturally, the DOJ was spared discussion of relevant provisions by then Sr. Judge Ralph Beistline (pronounced "Hellifino" or something - don't laugh!).

David Toppin : Tax evasion charges against an accountant for his personal tax returns. Did he owe a tax? How did § 83 operate in your conclusion he owed a tax?

Dennis Hastert : Member of Congress making false statements, and structuring cash transactions under CTR reporting requirements to avoid detection.

Ted Hammond : Tax evasion, false claim, false tax return, a carpenter who never owed a penny. Oh, he did? How did § 83 operate in your conclusion he owed a tax?

Eddie Kahn : At paragraph #6, seminars called "Having Fun with the Taxman" - Not a good idea. This fiasco springs directly from Congress allowing the enforcement of the Tax Code and regs. against individual who can't stand the IRS and the way it behaves. Although quite difficult to defend, the conduct in this indictment is a snapshot of America's frustration with the IRS taken to extremes by some one who lacks an appreciable knowledge of the law but who thought gov't was fair.

Sue Taylor : A real estate agent with compensation for services - Tax evasion, failure to file. How did § 83 operate in your conclusion she owed a tax?

ATC Indictment : "Revocation of election" scheme - This is another offshoot of the anti-tax movement that smells the moment you see it. The law is off limits, do you really think the IRS gives a [F-bomb] what choices or elections you've made?

Atchison : Enticement of a 5 yr. old girl to have sex.

Bernard Kerik : Pleaded guilty to 8 felony counts and was sentenced to ONLY 48 MONTHS because he was a public servant. You and I would still be in prison.

Rob Blagojevich : NOT AN INDICTMENT, a criminal complaint, peddling influence.

Judge Blitch : Mail / wire fraud, by judge who appointed bogus administrators.

Barry Bonds : Perjury and obstruction of justice, not guilty.

Carol Sing : Corporation sole, or anything else that keeps the IRS from getting a cut.

Michael Vick : Interstate travel to conduct a dog fighting enterprise.

Pinnacle Quest Int'l : Member who merely sold memberships is PQI nailed and imprisoned for what others told him is a legal program.

Grimm : Scheme to avoid payroll "taxes" the IRS can't prove anyone owes.

Gyrocopter flight : I'm going to fly my personal gyrocopter to the White House and land it on the lawn.

Steve Laubly : Tax evasion and failure to file tax returns.

Liberty Dollar : Minting of metal coins intending and proposing that they replace US currency, mail fraud.

Paul Manafort superseding indictment : Paragraph 15, compensation for services upon which the gov't says Manafort paid no taxes. Lying to banks to get loans.

Paul Manafort - New York State inditment March 13, 2019 : State charges brought to guard Manafort's release due to Presidential pardon on the federal charges.

Moleski (OID filing)

Gaylene Blanos : 15 counts against an OID filer.

James Zander (income tax / OID)

Scott Bodly (OID)

Nova Montgomery : Tax evasion and failure to file tax returns, a Lowell Becraft client.

Oliver : Wire fraud.

Roger Clemens : Obstruction, false statements, perjury; NOT GUILTY.

Scott : In WA state, scheme to avoid paying what the IRS can't prove are "tax liabilities."

Wesley Snipes : I like Wesley Snipes. Conspiracy to defraud and false/ficticious instruments - Hollywood meets the anti-tax movement.

Tilley : Tax evasion and obstruction of the IRS that can't prove an American owes a tax.

Chris Collins : Insider trading.

Ross Ulbricht : Silk Road case, web site purportedly (according to DOJ) to buy guns, drugs, elicit services of all sorts.

Jussie Smollett : CHARGES DISMISSED March 26, 2019 - Hate crime HOAXSTER busted in Chicago for disorderly conduct - 16 counts of filing false reports of crime to police.

Lori Laughlin : Fraudulent college admissions scandal, March 2019, supporting affidavit.

Jeffrey Epstein : Sex trafficking of minors in interstate commerce. Count 1 is conspiracy to defraud the US, and count 2 is sex trafficking of minors. Mr. Epstein committed suicide (by hanging) in federal custody while in a Manhattan jail, 6:30 am, on August 10, 2019.

R. Kelly (a "singer") : Sex tracking of minors in intersate commerce.


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